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Course Aim

A ½ day training course for all persons who come in to contact with potable water. Any person working on service reservoirs, pumping stations, treatment works, wells, spring and boreholes and working on the network of water mains and service pipes must be in possession of a National Water Hygiene card.

Course Agenda

Learning outcome

  • Responsibilities of persons working with potable water. Preventing pollution or contamination of potable water.
  • The premise that water is a food product and the public expect their water supply to have been treated properly so that it does not cause health problems.
  • The importance of personal hygiene and identification of potential sources of contamination.
  • Awareness of potential for contamination. Includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the need for clean boots.
  • Vehicles – vehicles need to be kept clean and tidy and tools need to be separated. Awareness of where the vehicle has been taken before entering a treatment works e.g. fields, sewage treatment works etc.
  • Multi-functional working- water and sewage working is becoming common for some companies and the associated risks must be understood.
  • Fuel, diesel and chemical contamination – any of these getting into the water could have detrimental effects.
  • Pets could help to spread water Bourne diseases e.g. dogs, cats, horses etc – ensure that individuals do not wear the same footwear for work.
  • Chlorine / disinfection, both in the water itself and other usage i.e. how chlorine is used to wash boots, clean tools and in repairs, and the correct disposal of chlorine solution.
  • Awareness and usage surrounding approved products. The right substance for the job.
  • Awareness of the sampling and audit processes in place by various bodies.

Course Details

Benefits of attending (for the delegate)

  • Issue of the blue National Water Hygiene card for successful delegates, lasting three years.
  • Compliance with industry standards.

Benefits of attending (for the employer)

  • Compliance with water UK standards

How is this training delivered?

The course is classroom based with a written multiple choice test paper. A standardised health screening questionnaire is completed. If this suggests an individual may be carrying a water Bourne disease the delegate may be referred to their doctor or occupational health department for checks before they can be registered for the National Water Hygiene card. A card will not be issued until both the health screening and the test have been passed.


Successful delegates will be registered to receive the blue EUSR registered water hygiene scheme card (a cover note is issued in the interim period)

Course Cost

The cost of this course is £100 P/P including registration fee.

National Water Hygiene Training Course - EUSR


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